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Duc d'O to showcase new brand and market positioning at Singapore fair

Published: 17/04/13

Source: The Moodie Report

By Mary Jane Pittilla, Brands Editor

Duc d'O's new, artisanal packaging features straw, a wax seal and a hand-written label
Belgian chocolatier Duc dO, the biggest producer of flaked chocolate truffles in the world, has renewed its brand, following extensive consumer research.

The company will showcase the striking new look and feel and clear positioning at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore in May 2013.

Duc dO said it had used the "uniqueness of each truffle and the contrast essential to flaked chocolate truffles as its starting point". The new positioning is dubbed by the firm Untamed Delicacy because on the outside truffles are "hard and wild with rough flakes and have an amorphous look making no two truffles ever the same, while on the inside there is a soft and delicate filling", which is described as "airy", thanks to Duc dOs recipe.

This new Untamed Delicacy brand positioning is prominent in a striking packaging with a handmade touch, making each package distinctive.

"The result is a surprising but welcome change in the sector of chocolate delicacies and truffles for indulgence and gifts," said Duc dO, whose products are sold in over 70 countries and airports worldwide.

Duc d'O flaked truffles have a hard exterior and an airy filling; no two pieces are the same
30th anniversary celebration

Duc d'O, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, said its Belgian chocolate truffles have growth potential in emerging markets in Asia and Eastern Europe. Its consumer research shows that within the chocolate sector, truffles have their own particular meaning to consumers, as a traditional and artisan-crafted luxury product. "The amorphous look is a key aspect for flaked chocolate truffles, as no two are ever the same," the firm said.

The fresh logo and packaging were changed in line with the positioning and now also aim to exude craftsmanship, "a certain wildness reflecting the chocolate flakes, while remaining sophisticated".

Each box of Duc dO chocolate truffles has a handmade touch to it, making no two packs of Duc dO truffles the same. To emphasise the artisanal approach, a piece of rough straw and a wax seal close the package, and there is a hand-written label.

Another aspect that makes Duc dO chocolate truffles distinctive is said to be their texture: Duc dO has a secret recipe to make the chocolate filling creamy but also light and airy.

The Belgian chocolatier said it now aims to increase its presence in the travel retail environment with this new appearance.

About Duc dO

Duc dO, founded in 1983 as a family company, became part of the Belgian chocolate group Gudrun in 2011, employing 254 people. Located near Antwerp in Belgium, Duc dO is famous for its flaked chocolate truffles and pralines sold in over 70 countries worldwide, with a strong presence in Asia (South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China) and in Europe (Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, Scandinavia).

For details, contact:
Victor Lee, Travel Retail Manager Asia, tel: +65 67631260,
Luuk Reijnders, Global Business Director, +32 4910 82808,
Sarah Vermeulen, Junior Brand Manager Duc dO, tel: +32 3 897 15 83,

Duc d'O chocolate truffles are made to a secret recipe in Belgium