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Beijing Capital breaks traffic record in 2012 北京首都机场2012年吞吐量破纪录

Published: 28/03/13

Source: ©The Moodie Report China

By Ying Wei, The Moodie Report China

CHINA. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has released the 2012 annual National Airport Operation Statistical Bulletin, showing that Chinese airports in Tier 1 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, accounted for 30.7% of the total passenger traffic in the mainland last year. They also show Beijing Capital Airport became the first Chinese airport to record 80 million annual passengers.


Chinese airports maintained steady growth momentum in 2012, with total traffic for the year reaching 679,772,000, up +9.5% over the previous year. Mainland passenger traffic reached 623,788,000, an increase of +9.2% over the previous year, while passengers numbers to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan hit 22,718,000 and international passenger traffic reached 55,984,000, both up +13.4% year-on-year.

2012年,中国大陆机场吞吐量总体保持了平稳的增长势头,全年完成旅客吞吐量67977.2万人次,比上年增长9.5%。其中,国内内陆航线完成62378.8万人次,比上年增长9.2%;内地至港澳台地区航线为2271.8万人次,国际航线完成5598.4万人次, 两者均比去年增长了13.4%。

Among 183 certificated civil airports in the mainland China, 57 airports had more than 1 million passengers last year, four more than in 2011, accounting for 95.3% of the total traffic. Meanwhile, 21 airports had over 10 million passengers, the same as the previous year, accounting for 74%.


Passenger traffic at Beijing Capital International topped 80 million in 2012
Leading the way was Beijing Capital Airport, with 81.92 million passengers, well ahead of second place Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, with 48.3 million passengers. Dong Zhiyi, Chairman of Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd. (BCIA), said at “China's century” Beijing summit in early March: "We have continuously ranked second in the global passenger traffic rankings in the last two years, and reached 81.92 million last year. Therefore, we believe that coming first will not be a dream any more within the next three years." (For further information, please read the April issue of The Moodie Report China.)


By region, East China (29.2%) and South Central China (24.1%) accounted for over half of the national passenger traffic, followed by North China (17.6%) and the southwest region (14.9%). As the most underdeveloped regions in China, the Northeast (6.3%), the northwest region (5.4%) and the Xinjiang region (2.5%) had the least passenger traffic.


The Operation Statistical Bulletin also showed that Chinese airports completed 6.6 million aircraft movements in 2012, an increase of +10.4% over the previous year. Flights to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan (+13.1%) increased the most, reaching 174,000; national (+10.6%) and international (+8.1%) flight movement numbers were 6,115,000 and 488,000 respectively.


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