Travel Retail and Duty Free Business Intelligence    Sunday 23 November 2014


Aviation sector adds US$26.7 billion to Dubai economy in 2013

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 17/11/14

UAE. Companies including Emirates airline, Dubai Airports and Dubai Duty Free will grow aviation's GDP contribution to 37.5% by 2020, claims Oxford Economics.

Chinese visitors surge as tourist arrivals rebound in Thailand

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 17/11/14

THAILAND. A +6.14% increase in total visitor arrivals in October is the first monthly growth since January following a period of political turmoil.

Chinese visitors surge as Incheon Airport duty free tender nears

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 13/11/14

SOUTH KOREA. Chinese visitor numbers soared by +57.3% for the first nine months, paving the way for a blockbuster duty free tender at Incheon International Airport.

USA targets increase in Chinese tourism with major visa policy reform

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 11/11/14

USA/CHINA. The USA has extended the validity of short-stay visas to ten years – the longest allowed under national law – as it woos Chinese tourism and investment.

Ebola task force speaks out as Australia and Canada issue travel restrictions

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 10/11/14

INTERNATIONAL. The travel and transport task force has restated support for the World Health Organization’s policy against measures restricting travel.

International tourism shows continued strength despite challenging conditions

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 31/10/14

INTERNATIONAL. International tourism "continues to grow above expectations despite rising global challenges”, says UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai.

Caribbean governments impose bans on travel from Ebola-stricken countries

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 17/10/14

LATIN AMERICA/CARIBBEAN. Several countries have banned arrivals from West African countries as governments fear the cost of containment and impact on tourism.

USA to enhance Ebola screening as first infection beyond Africa found

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 07/10/14

USA. President Obama is to order additional passenger screening at US airports as Spain reports the first case of a person contracting Ebola beyond Africa.

Global Blue anticipates tax free sales surge as Chinese Golden Week begins

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 01/10/14

UK. Tax refund company Global Blue recorded a +35% year-on-year increase in tax free spend from Chinese travellers in the UK during the holiday in 2013.

A market transformed: Chinese travel boom to Korea continues

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 25/08/14

SOUTH KOREA. Chinese visitors represented 42.1% of arrivals in the first seven months, compared to 16.7% for the long-time dominant Japanese.

WHO declares deadly Ebola virus an international health emergency

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 08/08/14

INTERNATIONAL. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa an international health emergency.

Russian and Japanese tax free spending falls sharply in first quarter

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 07/08/14

INTERNATIONAL. Tax free sales to Russian and Japanese travellers fell sharply in the second quarter, says tax refund specialist Global Blue.

Korean inbound duty free allowance set to rise +50% to US$600

Source: Maeil; The Moodie Report - 29/07/14

SOUTH KOREA. The Moodie Report has confirmed that the government is set to announce a sharp rise in the value allowance having dismissed earlier proposals to double it.

Chinese arrivals maintain surge in South Korea as Japanese slip further

Source: KTO; The Moodie Report; KDB Daewoo Securities Research - 22/07/14

SOUTH KOREA. Chinese arrivals surged by +53.8% in the first six months while Japanese visitor numbers continued to nosedive. UPDATED with key new charts.

Hawaii visitor numbers buoyed by Chinese and Korean arrivals in May

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 22/07/14

US (HAWAII). Arrivals from China jumped +29.4% in the month, while arrivals from Korea grew +4.9%, outstripping the +3.9% rise in Japanese visitors.

International tourism arrivals grow by +5% in early 2014 says UNWTO

Source: UNWTO - 21/07/14

INTERNATIONAL. Tourist arrivals in the first four months of the year kept pace with 2013, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

China Duty Free Group set to open world’s largest duty free complex

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 15/07/14

CHINA. Get ready for duty free and travel retail shopping on a scale that you've never seen before as China Duty Free Group unveils its breathtaking Haitang Bay Shopping Complex.

Nigerian and Middle Eastern visitors spur UK tax free spend in June

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 14/07/14

UK. Strong growth from several high-spending nationalities drove overall tax free spend in the UK up by +6% in June, according to Global Blue.

Tourvest celebrates Mandela Day by assisting home reconstruction

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 14/07/14

SOUTH AFRICA. Tourvest representatives will head to South Africa’s Alexandra township to help rebuild ten homes for selected community members this week.

Thailand to consider a raise in decades-old duty free allowance

Source: Bangkok Post - 04/07/14

THAILAND. The Thai Customs Department is proposing a raise in the duty free limit on new personal items bought abroad to THB80,000–100,000 (US$2,470–3,090).

Changi Airport launches S$1 million campaign to win back Chinese tourists

Source: The Straits Times - 30/06/14

SINGAPORE. Changi Airport Group has teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board and other major tourism players in a campaign to boost Chinese arrivals.

Hawaii visitor numbers and spend decline again in April

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 16/06/14

USA (HAWAII). Hawaii Tourism Authority has reported its eighth consecutive month of declining visitor spend as arrivals fall by -0.7% in April.

UK tax free spend decline accelerates as instability hits key nationalities

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 16/06/14

UK. Tax free spend declined by -15% in May as Thai and Russian visitor numbers plummeted as a result of recent political turmoil, says Global Blue.

Japanese government to double number of tax free shops by 2020

Source: İThe Moodie Report; Kyodo News International; The Yomiuri Shimbun - 06/06/14

JAPAN. The government plans to double the number of shops that offer tax refunds to tourists by 2020 to capitalise on the Tokyo Olympics tourist boom.

Duty free boon to Korean retailers as Chinese arrivals soar +58.8% in April

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 03/06/14

SOUTH KOREA. Chinese visitor numbers surged +58.8% in April to 531,947, a 42.5% share of the inbound travel market, according to Korea Tourism Organization.

Changi Airport Group unveils plans to grow Singapore’s cruise industry

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 26/05/14

SINGAPORE. Changi Airport Group is partnering Singapore Tourism Board and Princess Cruises in a new fly-cruise initiative to grow the local cruise industry.

UNWTO explores the economic impact of shopping tourism in latest report

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 23/05/14

INTERNATIONAL. UNWTO’s latest Global Report on Shopping Tourism offers a series of practical guidelines and principles for developing shopping tourism.

International visitor spending increases +5% and exceeds long term trend in 2013

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 15/05/14

INTERNATIONAL. The latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer indicates total export earnings generated by international tourism in 2013 of US$1.4 trillion.

Chinese visitor numbers to South Korea continue extraordinary surge

Source: İThe Moodie Report; Korea Tourism Organization - 08/05/14

SOUTH KOREA. Q1 saw a +214% increase in Chinese visitors since 2009 while Japanese arrivals fell -29%. But for potential Incheon duty free bidders is it a simple issue of 'do the math'?

UK welcomes record overseas visitors, tax free spend soars

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 08/05/14

The Office for National Statistics reports a record breaking number of visits to the UK by overseas residents in 2013; Global Blue highlights a surge in tax free shopping.

Tax free sales to Russians slide sharply; Chinese growth continues

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 28/04/14

INTERNATIONAL. Tax free sales to Chinese travellers surged by +25% year-on-year in Q1, says Global Blue. But sales to Russians fell -9% in the period.

Chinese share of South Korean tourism market doubles in five years

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 15/04/14

SOUTH KOREA. Five years ago, Japanese visitors accounted for 41.8% of arrivals to South Korea. That figure has now halved as Chinese tourism booms.

Sim Local to open three new stores at London Heathrow Airport

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 15/04/14

UK. The SIM card retailer will open three mores stores at Heathrow by June and aims to expand its travel retail model to other international airports.

Chinese tourists lead spending on tax free shopping in Manchester

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 10/04/14

A strong appetite for designer brands and UK-made items are driving Chinese spending on tax free shopping in Manchester, according to Global Blue.

Asia Pacific visitor arrivals to maintain strong growth to 2018, says PATA

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 08/04/14

ASIA PACIFIC. Visitor arrivals to the Asia Pacific region are projected to surge by +6.5% a year to 670 million in 2018, says the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

Auckland Airport commits to New Zealand tourism development plan

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 25/03/14

NEW ZEALAND. At the launch of the Tourism 2025 framework, Auckland Airport announced a 30-year plan "to help New Zealand realise its tourism potential".

South Korea set to lure overseas visitors with Incheon casino project

Source: The Hankyoreh; The Moodie Report - 20/03/14

SOUTH KOREA. The Korean government has approved a major casino complex on Yeongjong Island, maintaining a drive to attract more Chinese travellers.

Chinese and Russians lead tax free spending worldwide in 2013

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 04/03/14

INTERNATIONAL. Chinese travellers spent +20% more on tax free shopping year-on-year in 2013, and Russians +13% more, according to tax refund group Global Blue.

Etihad reveals record profits, establishes new aviation group

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 03/03/14

UAE. Etihad Airways today revealed record financial results for 2013, and announced the creation of the Etihad Aviation Group to aid its continued expansion.

UNWTO supports Qatar as it reveals new tourism growth strategy

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 26/02/14

QATAR. The organization voices support as Qatar launches a new tourism strategy ahead of the opening of the new Hamad International Airport.

Malaysian and Thai shoppers drive UK tax free spending growth

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 19/02/14

UK. According to Global Blue, Middle Eastern and Chinese shoppers took the largest share of tax free spend, with strong growth from Thailand and Malaysia.

Vancouver Airport and McArthurGlen reveal ambitious outlet centre plans

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 12/02/14

CANADA. McArthurGlen Group says that a new outlet centre adjacent to Vancouver Airport will attract many of the travellers who use the airport annually.

India to ease tourist access with visas on arrival for most countries

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 07/02/14

INDIA. The government's plan to introduce visas on arrival for visitors from all but eight countries represents a "golden opportunity" for travel retailers in India.

South Korea to develop 'Dream Island' tourist attraction close to Incheon

Source: The Korea Herald; İThe Moodie Report - 06/02/14

SOUTH KOREA. A new tourism hub called ‘Dream Island’ will soon be built on Yeongjong Island close to Incheon city, ten minutes from the Korean gateway.

Tourvest group names Judi Nwokedi as Chief Operating Officer

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 06/02/14

SOUTH AFRICA. Leading tourism to travel retail company Tourvest has appointed Judi Nwokedi as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Board Member.

Ryanair makes Q3 loss despite strong ancillary revenue growth

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 04/02/14

IRELAND. The low-cost carrier blamed its third-quarter loss on a fall in the average price of fares and the weakness of the Pound against the Euro.

Asian cities dominate Euromonitor destination rankings in 2012

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 31/01/14

INTERNATIONAL. Six of the top ten global city destinations for international tourists were in Asia in 2012, according to the research company.

Chinese travellers extend lead in global tax free shopping rankings in Q4 2013

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 27/01/14

INTERNATIONAL. Chinese travellers posted +13.5% growth in tax free shopping expenditure in Q4 2013, according to tax refund company Global Blue.

New LAGs screening regime to be implemented from 31 January

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 24/01/14

INTERNATIONAL. The technology will eventually lead to improved sales as restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels are simplified, says ETRC.

Chinese up, Japanese down – how South Korea’s tourism landscape keeps changing

Source: İThe Moodie Report - 21/01/14

SOUTH KOREA.New group tour regulations may have slowed Chinese arrivals, but with growth at +35.2% for November and +53.4% for the year to date, no-one’s complaining.